Give website feedback. Depending on the scope of work, your project may also require electrical, plumbing or mechanical permits. Oregon law requires that those selling residential dwelling must fully disclose all remodeling work and whether or not permits were obtained. If a local building official chooses to allow the use of an outdated ready-build plan prepared under previously effective codes, they are responsible for verifying that it is in compliance with the currently adopted codes and any site-specific conditions. Get information on building permit inspections for garages, sheds and accessory structures. STEP 4: BUILDING PERMIT’S: Dwelling & structure: Submit application and TWO sets of construction/building plans, truss specs, and engineer calculations, along with a copy of your approved site plan (a change in the site plan between planning approval and building may require planning approval again). 541-266-1098 Depending on the scope of work, your project may also require electrical, plumbing or mechanical permits. The Building Division administers Curry County’s Building Permit Program by accepting and reviewing building permit applications, reviewing construction plans, issuing building permits and conducting field inspection of work to determine compliance with state construction structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical codes. Farm agricultural buildings complying with ORS 455.310 2. The Zoning Code also includes requirements that may limit the width of a new driveway. In response to the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) recent order – effective January 2019 – related to the deployment of personal wireless service facilities, the Bureau of Development Services (BDS) has created a new intake and review process for personal wireless … Building Permit Center. Your plans will be sent to city review staff in different departments. For most projects, electronic plans are submitted through the Single PDF process. 24-hour Inspection Request Hotline: (888) 299-2821. Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. If the project is more complex and a review cannot be completed as a simple permit, your project will be considered complex. Call Planning and Zoning to determine your setbacks. For more information about right-of-way requirements, contact the Portland Bureau of Transportation at (503) 823-7002. The Division also is responsible for enforcement of building-related codes and requirements. This page offers links to additional information for new construction and improvements to houses, duplexes and two-unit townhouses. Publications​, 503-378-4133 (main)800-442-7457​ (toll-free)503-378-2322 (fax), Your browser is out-of-date! See our handout on Eaves and Exterior Wall Protection: If your accessory structure is a garage and it will be attached to, or within three feet of the house, then the interior walls of the garage must be covered with a layer of ½" gypsum board for additional fire protection. Permit Tech: Cassi Bergstrom Phone: 503.992.3265 Fax: 503.992.3202 Email: To … This permit application expires if a permit is not obtained within 180 days after it has been accepted as complete . The division provides all permit and inspection services throughout Oregon for the following: Amusement rides and devices Boiler and pressure vessels Elevators Manufactured dwellings BCD building department services. This step ensures all required reviews took place, all required approval stamps are on the plans, and the fees are charged correctly.

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