By then, Bretschneider hopes to have completed the park’s train. Where travel inspiration, experience & planning come together. Evermore Park announced today that it will host its grand opening to the public on Thursday, Sept. 20. You get to choose how deeply you want to engage with the town, the townspeople, and the current themed story for the season (4 different story tracks that keeps things fresh through the year). Evermore will immerse its patrons in a Victorian Era European village year-round. By then, Bretschneider hopes to have completed the park’s train.
Interact with characters throughout the park, engage in the art of axe throwing, see the gothic style village with street type vendors and even pet a small dragon! This is evermore theme park. Look it up to get more information.

2 talking about this. How have you left your mark on Evermore Park? Evermore is a living experience park, where you are part of the evolving story! Evermore Park is a unique experience that can be fun for the whole family! This is where you will find Evermore, where one of its star # EvermorePark # Evermore # Pyrra # BeTheHero # EnterTheStory # Mythos # fantasyart # park # family # local # story # onlyinEvermore # immersiveart # immersiveexperience # rpggames # rpg # slcutah # slc # parkcity # utah # summer # party # spring # kids # play # adventure # utahadventures # travelling # cosplay # travel See More. Built in the 1980s, it is housed in Dr. Evermor's Art Park on Highway 12, in the town of Sumpter, in Sauk County, Wisconsin, United States.. It is like a Renaissance Fair, a choose-your-own-adventure, and a role playing game (i.e. Dr. Evermor's Forevertron is the largest scrap metal sculpture in the world, standing 50 ft. (15,2 m.) high and 120 ft. (36,5 m.) wide, and weighing 300 tons.
Evermore is an immersive themed experience park providing shows, events parties, concerts and a host of other entertainment experiences. Also, what if I changed my channel name to That Disney Fan? Tickets on sale now! It is an RPG theme park. PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — The future of theme parks might just be in a Salt Lake City suburb. Purchase your tickets today. Experience Evermore Park where participating audiences are immersed in a world of story and adventure. improvisational acting/theatre) rolled into one. r/Themepark: amusement parks, rides, & attractions, rollercoasters, theme parks, coasters A change in latitude will help your attitude! It is not an amusement park, a thrill park, a theme park, or anything you've seen before. Evermore Park, Pleasant Grove, Utah. Evermore is an Experience Park.