What a heck of a run against all odds, semi finalists!

CHRIS Ramsey has swapped stand-up for the ballroom as he takes part in the current series of Strictly Come Dancing 2019. This was not the right song for a Viennese and I think this hurt them a bit. Meet Chris Ramsey "My signature dance move is walking through the dancefloor to the buffet table." The stand-up comedian, who is partnered with Karen Hauer on the BBC One show, said that having to look “manly” and serious while on the dancefloor will be a bigger challenge than the more jovial routines.

Unbelievable. Chris Ramsey has said he fears having to perform a “sexy” routine on Strictly Come Dancing because it does not come easily to him. Chris’ frame has improved a lot, he looks more elegant and more like a dancer, it was such a shame about the little mistake. Chris & Karen – Viennese Waltz – 7, 7, 6, 6 26. In 2019, Chris danced his way to the Semi-Finals of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, finally finishing in 4th place. The judges all put it brilliantly that although this dance wasnt the best, he has come such a long way and has embodied the show completely . Here's everything you need to know about the Geordie comedian.