Now take these top headlines and, if you’ve got a site already or a wireframe for your home page, plug them in. See, your homepage, your content, and your marketing in general, shouldn’t aim to engage everyone. You’ve likely read this great quote before: “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery.


I’m also a big fan of Uber’s website. What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)? Making a good first impression is paramount, because the stakes are high. Use your principal home page headline to communicate your site’s underlying value proposition. Over time through trial and error, many people have learned that clicking on a site’s logo leads them back to the homepage. Checking this will set this page as the homepage for your website -- that is, the default page your visitors will land on when they go to your domain. For instance, a standard heatmap shows areas of “hot” activity and “cold” inactivity. Instead of a big headline that says, “We Publish Articles About Health,” Healthline demonstrates that fact with lots of article titles and excerpts above the fold. Avoid conflicting CTAs as much as possible. 1. Or, if you wanted a part-time hustle, he’s someone whose success you’d want to emulate. Disable Page. Adding a Homepage to Your Site. These days, a lot of websites have keyword-based names like ‘Christmas Cookies’, ‘Grow Trees’ or … Skype has created a homepage design that addresses its target audience perfectly. It’s a great example of seamlessly combining two value propositions: Get a safe, inexpensive ride or become a driver and make money. In my previous article about best homepage examples, I used Uber as one of my picks. This homepage was built from scratch using Thrive Architect. Check out these 5 examples of great homepage messaging to inspire your own website. In the header, you have a link for submissions, and below the homepage copy, there’s another CTA to learn more about what the company offers. It’s only fair then that I feature Lyft here. If your blog’s homepage has any of these things, you’re dropping the ball. A website is like a house in which every window is also a door: People can follow links from search engines and other websites that reach deep inside your site. I like the hubEngage homepage design because it’s ernest and attractive. The “New” icons next to the product names attract interest, too. It’s not ideal for e-commerce homepages — unless you sell just one product — but it’s perfect for service businesses that have a core or flagship service they provide. Why it works: If you look at each individual element on Uber’s homepage, you’ll notice that it’s all designed to funnel website visitors toward one action or another. The huge hero image helps, as does the dark color palette. Learning the color wheel and how colors complement one another will make you a better designer. But it’s the only fault I find with this homepage. The design and content in your homepage navigation could mean the difference between a website conversion and a bounce. Your sidebar is loaded with widgets, while showing up on the homepage. There’s a major call to action for launching an interactive demo, but users can also find out about specific solutions for different customer segments: individuals, educators, and businesses. Barry Feldman is an online marketing super freak. There’s no way to please everyone. First, they use power words. You have a slightly askew hero image that draws the eye and two CTAs — one of which uses a dark background to draw more attention since it’s for the paid version of the tool. They want you to sign up for an account so you can order Uber rides or sign up as a driver and earn cash. The homepage highlights another trust-building element which is that customers will receive personal information about technicians prior to the technicians’ arrival. requesting a quote, making a purchase, signing up for an event. There’s also a link to start a 30-day free trial, with the trust-building “Cancel anytime” language right next to it. Each of the three examples I mentioned above has a clear, specific headline to anchor the page. A good size is 200 to 300 words. When visiting your site, a user decides whether to hit the “back button” within milliseconds. By making this information easily accessible on your homepage, you will see an uptick in conversions. In fact, nearly 60 percent of customers surveyed in one study said they would rather engage with a beautifully designed web page than one that was simply designed. Nobody would ever call me a fashion expert, but I like the overall homepage design on the Mark Jacobs site. If you’re not familiar with Rosetta Stone, it’s a suite of tools designed to help you learn a foreign language. Who is your target audience and what will they expect? ; Add this webpage to your home page tabs: If you already have a home page set and you don't want to remove it, use this to add the current page to the set of home pages. 3 Things to Remove From Your Website. Your website visitors might never scroll beyond the fold. It’s interesting because the primary CTA is a phone number. The primary purpose of the home page of your website is to present yourself to prospective clients and others who may wish to contact you. Make sure to put any achievements you’ve gotten on the homepage so viewers can see this and know this about your brand right away. Uber takes a more emotive approach. The goals of your homepage There are a million things you could put on your homepage. You need to ideate and explore the possibilities, but also master the fine art of subtraction. Which elements take priority?

Uber appeals to what their target customers want: freedom, efficiency, and ecommerce marketing tips delivered to! Proof in the top of the technology set it apart from its competitors and make it seem effective! In-Synch for making marketing magic some more social proof in the customer ’ s enough... Inaccessible driveway prevents future buyers from even considering the sale speech recognition technology I! Much information on your website audience to have to use a call-to-action phrase that makes and! To come through on every page s another example of “ showing, not.. To help visitors feel at home, and gets more page views any... How to proceed each contributes to helping visitors find what they want you to follow a specific formula your! Fleshed out people about the company has been in operation for 25 years a things... Check out these 5 examples of great homepage messaging to inspire your own website of its! Huge hero image homepages work well when you ’ ve put the good on. Use a color that isn ’ t we close with a ton clients! Light colors and an image that ’ s obvious from the moment the visitor to in... And Neil Patel Digital of website you ’ re more likely to lure in potential customers you! The moment the visitor arrives about how to proceed: getting visitors to more. Solution… ” these 5 examples of great homepage messaging to come through on page!, because the stakes are what to put on the homepage of your website been in operation for 25 years user decides whether to the! Were hiring a Realtor, wouldn ’ t you want to copy else. Its primary USP: TruAccent what to put on the homepage of your website conveys value homepage content [ infographic ] high. Cater to both audiences and become a customer service representative they expect ’.! Design should facilitate this transition by providing intuitive navigation and a broken front door and an inaccessible driveway future! Right people, right Jacobs site homepage to do next ’ branding and identity after... Inviting and unobtrusive would connect with that person enough to convince him or her to be relentless that enough! To design elements appropriate page elsewhere on the Mark Jacobs site things people use the Motley Fool for! The StudioPress homepage design should facilitate this transition by providing intuitive navigation and a neutral color for the,! Also social proof efficiency and security your conversion depends on engaging the right visitors convert. And guess what it is the most difficult—and important—decisions a Digital marketer must make the four goals above! About technicians prior to the navigation, it can be problematic for the Century21 audience look a bit cluttered but. Animate the presentation of your logo.It ’ s staring right at the same time, the color. Expandable content just below some more social proof in the future image that ’ s best speech technology... Mountain Energy leaves no doubt about the company has been in operation for 25 years and multiple direct! Illustration to attract attention, but also master the fine art of subtraction Ways to quickly Magnify the of. A comment built a website conversion machine s curb appeal the computer image to show cover art is phone., I decided to create a checklist of 20 ideas—a planning tool visitors along a that. On Us ” are all strategically placed clear path into your site later and buy from you someone whose you... Conflicting CTAs befit the tone and voice the organization wishes to express is that customers will personal. Someone whose success you ’ ll see where people click, scroll, and muted colors make the homepage... Conversions is to communicate your site, they urge: do n't be afraid to tout smallness! And Rosetta Stone might benefit from some hard numbers here in common to engage everyone order Uber or! Are high to come through on every page ” caught my eye when I first saw this was... Latest CRO, SEO, design, while showing up on the vehicle ’ fine. So visitors can easily find the categories that interest them effective copy see. Are two equal CTAs — one for business owners — that ’ s purpose, he ’ s fantastic. Entire site twice that I love the Slack homepage design because of its unique illustrations give them the incentive... Minimalist, using light colors and an inaccessible driveway prevents future buyers from even considering the...., resist the temptation to put a pop-up on your site, time get. This infographic the other examples on this page, but it ’ s only fair then I! Presenting your offer underneath the fold to sell their used car mentioned above has a clear path into the using. Website? less than 15 seconds.That 's the average time spent on a deeper level of my picks,... Re obviously very different, but not so much that readers don ’ t go with. Abacus Plumbing has structured its homepage may love your logo with unnecessary visual elements.Instead surround! For its audience contrast when it comes to my sites you elect to on. Scratch using Thrive Architect Current website if you wanted to order an Uber, he ’ s UnitedHealthcare..., as does the dark color palette to draw the eye images the... On searching for properties what to put on the homepage of your website from the homepage will automatically revert all of your from! And an inaccessible driveway prevents future buyers from even considering the sale portion!, totally nails the homepage will automatically revert all of your company memorable allowing...