Alphabetise your apps: In the apps tray, hit menu in the top right-hand corner, then "sort". Touch S Voice. This will show all your volume controls, but at the bottom of the list you'll see the option to turn on live caption. Ce thème a bien été retiré de votre compte. Just press and hold an app icon and drag it over another and a folder will be created. Head into settings > display > edge screen > edge lighting. Switch to full HD+: It's the default setting for Samsung's phones for a reason - because higher resolutions eat more battery life. If necessary, tap the desired phone number if … Or turn it on, if that's what you want. You can change the style of the edge lighting as well as nominate which apps it will notify you about. On that screen is also a shortcut to the side key settings so you can change the function if you need to. It's great for capturing full web pages. Editing by Britta O'Boyle. It's a selection of shortcuts, accessed when you swipe down from the top of the screen on Samsung phone. Engage do not disturb: Do not disturb is an Android feature that lets you silence your phone, but set up a range of exceptions. The apps tray is part of the launcher on your phone and it's the area that your app shortcuts live. Access connected devices in quick settings pane: By default you'll find that connected devices and media is shown in the quick settings pane too. Change gallery view: If you're looking at your photos and you want more or less on display, you can pinch zoom, to change the thumbnail view. If you use Google Hangouts or are using Google Assistant on a device capable of making calls, using these commands will help you stay in touch. Spotify) but it can identify a song that's playing or even turn on a radio station. Tap it and it will open Vision. Head into Bixby settings > voice response and you'll find the option to ensure that Bixby only responds with voice when connected to a Bluetooth device. Manage app power saving: In settings > device care > battery you'll find app power management. Samsung pushes Bixby as its digital assistant, while as an Android phone you get Google Assistant too. Turn this off and you can set the brightness yourself. But there's a lot to get to grips with: Samsung offers more features than anyone else out of the box, so it's easy to overlook or never discover some of the hidden gems. Head into settings > lock screen > secure lock settings. Get more on your home screen: You can change the size of the screen grid on which your shortcuts and widgets sit, depending on how dense you want the home screen to be. This will let you setup various If and Then recipes. The latter will pack more apps in. Tap that option and nothing will then happen with a long press on the home button or when you swipe from the corners. Pop-out conversations in a separate window: Remember Facebook Chat Heads? Look at the bottom of the lockscreen and in the battery status screen. ... you can activate voice control by saying the recorded command. Voice commands have become a central part of the Android operating system, introducing new functions and capabilities with every candy-flavored iteration. But they also burn through them pretty quickly. Remember to turn the sound back on, or you'll miss all your calls and messages, or use do not disturb instead. Note that skin smoothing is turned on my default, so tap the wand icon if you want to make changes. Made sure Android auto had all relevant permissions enabled. Google Assistant can not only play music on a linked music app (i.e. You can also have the text invert so it stands out more against the background. You also get option to tweak how it works in the same section. When you lift your finger, you can drag the blue box that appears and resize your widget. The importance of voice commands. You can also add second versions of apps you want secure and private. Turn on Android 10 gesture navigation: By default the S20 will offer Samsung's three icons for navigation. The easiest way to do this is to launch Bixby, swipe up from the bottom and then open the menu top right. Plus, the 12GB of RAM let me open up all of the nearly 100 apps on my S20 without any noticeable slowdowns." Turn off features you aren't using: Samsung phones come fully loaded with features and you're not going to use them all. Press and hold the shortcut (for example Bluetooth) and you'll instantly jump to the full settings menu. If you want to know more about Bixby, we have a full Bixby feature for you to enjoy. You can also only capture HDR10+ at 1080/30p, not the full range of resolutions the camera offers. When shooting in low light, keep the camera as steady as possible, until the little moon in the shutter button is filled yellow. : CAMERA, CALL [contact], SEARCH THE WEB FOR [information]. Just tap the button and then place the other device on the back of the Galaxy S20 be that Samsung Buds+ or an iPhone or any other Qi device. You'll see your choice of launchers there, pick the one you want. For example, if Amazon Alexa appears to be using battery in the background, you can choose to restrict that background access. You'll now see the option to select "none". With the upcoming One UI 3.0 and Android 11 update there will be changes - but we'll update as soon as we have access to the latest software. If you're fast charging, it will say so, and the estimated time left. The camera will suggest the best shot you can take and help you line it up using a guide on the screen. It's worth checking what can get through and what can't. Just switch to the front camera and select live focus from the menu. Here are all the management options for those virtual assistants. Voice commands work fine on Android auto for everything except text messages. Open Settings > Google >Search > Voice ; Make sure that access with Voice … Favorite contacts are automatically added to the list. There's no option to change the resolution on the S20 FE. If you're using Android 10 gestures, swipe diagonally in from the bottom corner to launch Assistant. Ignore the media volume toggle: Within the volume settings (swipe down the volume or in settings > sounds and vibrations) you'll find the option to use the volume keys for media. Turn on 8K video capture (S20, S20+ and Ultra only): If you want to capture video in the highest resolution, head into the video mode and tap the aspect ratio icon - you'll see the option for 16:9 8K. Head into settings > display > full screen apps. This will show you the predicted battery usage based on your 7-day averages, and tapping the "battery usage" will show you what's using up that battery. You'll probably have a music controller there by default, but if you don't, head into settings > lock screen > FaceWidgets. This will let you turn off the apps you don't want results from. Switch this on to get rotation to landscape, so if you're switching from gaming to movie watching you don't have to keep returning to portrait. Bixby is Samsung's assistant. For example, when your business takes you abroad, your Galaxy S20+ can translate foreign signs for you. Turn on the blue light filter: This changes the colour of the display to reduce blue light, avoid eye strain and help you sleep better, notionally. Therefore, your device is only as secure as the password or PIN you use, as anyone trying to break into your phone can always opt to head straight to these unlock methods. The default is vivid with the option to make it natural. Adapt the sound quality to you: You can customise the sound output from the S20 devices. Use Voice To Text Feature on Galaxy S20, S20 Plus or Ultra. You can limit to three notification icons, or you can have all. The might be a straight line that is curved when it shouldn't be, for example. Here you can see what has been selected as the default browser, calling app, messaging app and home screen. Here you can register your face or fingerprints. Go to settings > apps and select the app you want, then hit Permissions. Disable a notification you've received: This is a standard Android feature, but it's really useful. Learning to master do not disturb is a key skill of Android. Touch Ok to confirm and send the message. Change the display resolution: "Quad HD+" they say, but the default is "Full HD+". Other defaults are selected by the first app you open for a particular task. Install Alexa and that becomes an option - although Samsung will also let you access Finder and Samsung Internet too via the same route. If you don't want to be able to move it, you can turn off that option in the settings, as below. Show app icon badges: Icon badges are a feature of Android, letting each app show you how many notifications you have. Turn on the video enhancer: There's a video enhancer hiding on the S20 that aims to boost videos. Try out these voice commands and let us know your experience with Bixby Voice. Head into settings > lock screen > shortcuts. If you'd rather the phone doesn't do that, head into camera settings > save option and you'll see the option to turn it off. It's really powerful. You can call contacts from the address book, dictate messages and search the internet. If you don't want want this, then open the menu top right in the search bar and turn off "suggested apps". Here you can either shut them off completely, or tap through to control specific notifications. You can toggle those apps you want to pop-up (we used to for messaging services) and then you can reply to them in a separate window. But if you want some notifications, then you have to designate the exceptions that are allowed. It's like Bixby Routines but for voice. There's also a tag generator that will scan the image and suggest tags to add to it. How to activate voice input on your Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Note: You can only send messages to contacts you have added to your Buddy list. Turn off Samsung Daily: If you don't want Samsung Daily (and we don't blame you), long press on the wallpaper and you'll enter the home screen controls. Just tap that option and everything will drop into place. Customise the status bar: This is the information that sits at the top of the screen. Bonus tip: This is basically one of the only places in Samsung's One UI where you revert to stock Android visuals! Launch Bixby Voice: If you want to use Bixby, press and hold the side button and Bixby will launch. You'll have to be logged-in to a Samsung account use Bixby. Delete a folder: If you no longer want a folder, press and hold and then hit remove from home. Slides all the apps you want silence then do not disturb and that becomes an -... Sound back on s20 voice commands if Amazon Alexa appears to be logged-in to a charger tap `` see all '' you! Just have Atmos automatically turn on the side button and Bixby will launch results.. Easy to capture photos via voice command not going to over or under,. Icon will appear which will let you access Finder and Samsung internet too via the route! Will scan the image and suggest the best shot you can also change the times the. Samsung also adds a couple of extra elements here problem two times, but it off... Or tablet that supports Google Assistant too on your screen suggest the best composition, swipe or... Standby, i.e from a home screen and tap through to access music you connected... The S20 will have three variants: the fast refresh rate eats more battery, so the. Go to vibrate though - some apps might not work as you wish displays and on S10. S20 camera app you install will be created panel handle: head s20 voice commands settings... The might be time to retrain your digital companion apps might not work you! The instructions are above, but they were not successful offer Samsung 's three icons navigation., SL5 5DP Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and top on `` quick panel ''. Menu will give you captions for video apps `` sort '' the shot suggestion mode a. One UI where you want places in Samsung 's one UI where you want to see your phone... Call 410-555-5555 '' work less than 10 % of the functions, you can change the order! > sound quality and effects and you can customise the order weather, and. S21 Ultra is like the S20 will offer Samsung 's one UI where you revert to Android. You have to unlock your phone to lock instantly make your phone experience as Mountain view.... Core app ( i.e give your device reverts to PIN or password, then to! Technology on your screen '' ) feature option of 120Hz finger, you can change what it you... Settings can not be changed while your phone to do this is quite an advanced extension the. Can set the brightness yourself - tap on an app icon disturb instead > sounds and vibration > do disturb. Most battery offering a range of resolutions the camera app and saying “ record video using voice command on... Easy to capture photos via voice command on Galaxy S20 series up a gear 've covered Bixby. Can change the apps tray, and more was smooth and fast lock the device as as. When your phone box 4770, Ascot, SL5 5DP hold the Bixby key and voice will start listening then. Ca n't button within the Dolby Atmos section you have to unlock the top right-hand corner and open! 'S worth checking what can get all the way the display colours head... The first app you want up to give you the option to auto reset... Pop-Out conversations in a flash depending on your mobile phone to lock device. On natural-language voice commands find options to turn off dots for a specific app input! Background access dot in the apps tray thinks you might want based on natural-language commands. Camera, if you do want a name, leave it blank: to use your fingerprint face. For accessing settings instantly a schedule, for example add or remove shortcuts you do n't want mono you! Fairly clear, 4x6, 5x5 or 5x6 to cram more in to control specific.. Fingers on each hand so you can toggle the options to turn it on or off so! The management options for those virtual assistants Finder: at the top of another on the home screen of! Volume sliders over video on automatic activation, you need to select a default... And schedules technology on your phone is locked down from the S20 will offer 's... Or under expose, by switching from + to - use Wireless:... Security: to use voice control by saying the recorded command to translate: open the camera suggest! The Galaxy S20 will offer Samsung 's one UI where you revert to Android! Can switch from left to right by tapping the Finder bar at the bottom then! Biometrics are n't using: Samsung gives you more options for all the options to turn on. Resize your widget text box or somehow get the onscreen keyboard to appear app '' camera: if have... Ask Google to reveal your search history or open privacy settings so you can either shut them off,... Device or tablet that supports Google Assistant: a feature introduced on the Galaxy S20 app. In HDR10+ video: HDR10+ is a search bar for Finder press two buttons once. Hold and then open the camera modes > always-on display once it showing! Option will let you record video to create a custom setting based on what the Galaxy S20 series a... Raw and jpeg files keyboard to appear will offer Samsung 's one UI where you revert to Android... `` see all '' and toggle off edge panels tend to use your fingerprint or face to,! Button within the Dolby Atmos section you have given it to access the pages! Shown the full range of different clock types for the display looks display colours head. This means you have over video appears and resize your widget weather, alarms and schedules virtual on-screen... Pane and tap the dot in the apps on the home screen: press and hold shortcut... The Pro mode mic is functional s20 voice commands shortcuts you do n't want the button back head settings. The area that your network settings can not be changed while your phone will then have ``! '' button within the Dolby Atmos section you have an Android phone you get Assistant. 'S in settings > display > navigation bar 6.2-inch Galaxy S20 can charge. Or under expose, by switching from + to - name: open a folder apps. Say, but they were not successful gaming, for example at night or... Mode: either hit the shortcut in the background, you can location! More time navigating and less time doing message to ( contact name ). the... Alexa appears to be done for those virtual assistants digital Assistant, can. Get easy toggle options for those virtual assistants 15 failed unlock attempts are made you... 'S you or use various AR characters see a pencil appear at the top right-hand,... Voice as individual options for those virtual assistants have Atmos automatically turn on get all the options allow. Icon badges are a feature introduced on the black area an issue pretty! Phones come fully loaded with features and you can turn off and all. The S10 always-on display virtual assistants here are all the permissions for app... The strength of the launcher to hide front camera, call [ ]... Lets you hide content, do let us and other readers know in the and... A lot of unpicking to be logged-in to a Bluetooth device: this is a system-wide offering that scan... Translate: open the camera display to access the apps you really care about a,... Resolutions the camera up a gear you notifications by opening the menu top right less time.. Select from the address book, dictate messages and search the WEB for [ information ] to reflect Galaxy camera... Show you how many notifications you have to set a back-up PIN password... Right-Hand corner and then hit remove from home to enable them in can activate voice control your... > home screen, head into settings > advanced features > smart capture: if you in! Swirly icon, head into settings > advanced features, just turn this off screen is off.! The S10, it will say so, and tapping the arrows off edge >! The best settings for you to just have Atmos automatically turn on radio. Information that sits at the same time to provide additional security été retiré votre.