Current Lease options are 1-year or 6-month. The shorter 6-month lease option is an additional $15.00 per month.
Proper Two Month Notices to move out need to be in writing and either mailed or emailed (apts@grace-living.com) to management no later than 60 days prior to move out. Failure to give proper notice will result in your forfeiture of security/damage deposit.


New Richmond - Residents Responsible for their Unit Electric Which Includes Lighting, Appliances, Baseboard Heating, and Window Air Conditioner's.
Osceola - Residents Responsible ONLY for Their Window Air Conditioner Units for Spring, Summer, and Fall Months. Monthly Charges for A/C are $40.00 per Unit and are paid in advance with the Monthly Rent.
Saint Paul - Residents pay their Unit Electric for Lights and Refrigerator and Cooking Gas.
Milltown - Residents Responsible for their Unit Electric which includes Lighting, Appliances, and Wall Air Conditioner.
Taylors Falls Downtown - Residents Responsible for Unit Electric which includes Lighting, Appliances, Air Conditioner, and to Heat Water Heater.
Taylors Falls Angel Hill - Residents Responsible for Unit Electric which includes Lighting, Appliances, Wall Air Conditioner, and Baseboard Heat.


Currently we are not accepting Residents with Dogs. Cats are welcome at certain locations with extra $100.00 Non-Refundable Cat Deposit.
Smaller quiet caged animals are accepted (Ex: gerbils, bearded dragons, small fish tanks up to 10 gal.)


Grace Apartments strives to provide a Quiet and Safe Living Experience for thier Residents. We have a zero tolerance for any misbehavior and encourage any Residents to immediatly call 911 in case of any Disturbance or Misbehavior including, but not limited too: Loud Music, Slamming Doors, Yelling & Swearing, Child Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Drug Usage & Trafficking, Graffiti, Property Damage, Etc..

Lead Based Paint

Federal law states that any residential housing built prior to 1978 must disclose any known presence of Lead-Based Paint. Most of our buildings were built before this time. We have no knowledge, reports, or records pertaining to Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint hazards. Our professional team of painters are aware of the dangers of Lead-Based Paint and take the extra time to deal with any potential risks that they encounter from start to finish.

The linked phamplet is information regarding lead based paint.

Smoke Free Enviroment

All residents of Grace Living Apartments, and their guests, agree to not Smoke in their apartment, common areas, laundry facilities, building entrances, and stairwells. Residents will sign a Smoke Free Addendum included with their residential lease and agree to the terms set forth in the addendum. We have found by going smoke free we reduce health risks, minimize fire hazards, and lower turnover costs which in return keep our rental rates below market. If you are a current tenant and notice someone smoking and/or smell smoke coming from an apartment please work together with management to report the incident so we can take care of it right away.

View our smoke free addendum for additional information.

Tenant Move-In Checklist

New tenants have the right to document any imperfections in regards to the their units condition upon moving in. Please request a Tenant Move-In Checklist either at time of lease signing or during first week of moving in. Tenants will have the first week to inspect their new apartment for any defects. These could include, but not limited to the following: ripped screens, drippy faucets/plumbing, cracks or holes in walls and ceilings, missing trim, scratches in hardwood floors. The Move-In Checklist will be kept on file until resident moves out of apartment. Tenant's are responsible for any damage during residency that goes above and beyond the normal wear and tear.

View our tenant move in checklist for additional information.

Reach Us At

Grace Living Apartments
P.O.Box 1210, Hudson, WI 54016
Office: 651-263-3653
Fax: 651-305-0276

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