Your website is very helpful in increasing my knowledge on formulas. 10 1/2/2014 9,651.25 arc 1/2/2014 16,437.50 cs Mr. Kuo This formula does what I need but with one minor problem. The second MATCH looks for the type in the cell range B2 to E3 (the headline). Column B (rows 2 to 6 in my example) has partial list. Then your lookups first check the counter column – if its blank, they should be too. My problem, is based on a field in the spreadsheet (with data validation to a specified list of months), I want to either change the array or sheet the Lookup or Link-Match is grabbing from, I could add a date and concatenate a third field, but then I will have a different page of look-ups to either modify or deal with two steps monthly. Mother’s Day 15 15 15 16 Customer A on OrderDate Y, or Claim X and ClaimLine Z). 3. I’ve been toting around the past year at my job saying how vlookup is inferior to index match… I’m going to print this out as required reading for when I teach Excel training to my office. If you have more than one record with an identical value, Excel will just use the one that appears first, based on how you sorted the data. The VLOOKUP limitation is just looked to the right column to retrieve the result value. I’m not sure how you plan to select the street name (validated list maybe?) But, I wanted to return the winners name which was to the left of the data being searched. Therefore other people working on your workbook might not immediately understand it. E12/13 424 Jim Carry Monday, May 09, 2011 Sprained ankle Frazier vs. Ali Litigation 19, Many, many thanks for any assistance you all can provide. {=INDEX($B$7:$B$12,SMALL(IF($A$3=$A$7:$A$12,ROW($A$7:$A$12)-ROW($A$7)+1),2))}. The reason for this difference is actually fairly simple. a b c d e f this is a sample column header from an extremely large and always changing spreadsheet I have. Hi, The first MATCH identifies the Row and the second MATCH identifiles the column: =INDEX($C$7:$E$14,MATCH($B3,$B$7:$B$14,0),MATCH(C$2,$C$6:$E$6,0)). Index Match is incredibly powerful and indispensable to an advanced Excel user. 1 SALESMAN CASHIER These cookies do not store any personal information. Bonus question (and I don’t yet know the answer): why does the above formula not work if I specify the column name reference in the INDEX formula, as in: If I use INDEX MATCH, when I sort the data, the cell reference that I’m using for the lookup value (ID) doesn’t move with the data sort. This will not work for text values and is not as elegant as adding a proper unique index column, but will suffice if your source data is in a file that you cannot modify for whatever reason. This retrieves the largest, second largest etc value within a given range. error. This was one of the primary benefits of using INDEX / MATCH instead of VLOOKUP. One of the irritating problems with Microsoft Excel’s VLOOKUP function is that it relies upon the search term being in the first column of the table where the result is. Another advantage of this is the ability to select the row below the Match return. There are a couple ways you could address this (such as just removing the duplicates or making the values themselves distinct). ReportID FirsttName LastName IncidentDate InjuryType SpecificEvent StatusClassification DaysLeft This probably isn’t the biggest deal to most users, but it’s still worth mentioning. =IF(COUNTIFS(table[street field],Filter_value)